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Moving can be a stressful thing to do,  and there is a lot to think about when transporting all of your stuff to a new location. For your reference, we have here some moving and packing tips. It will help you be more knowledgeable to get ready for your move. Aside from that, we also have moving checklist in which it summarizes the things you should do before, during and after the move. Also, we also have some guidlines on how to move with your pets, with kids and with seniors.

You can plan and finish your relocation with confidence if you use the list of resources given!

moving tips

Handling all types of move from local to long distance moving since 2020, we’ve seen it everything. Allow these fast moving tips to assist you in making an easy and stress-free move.

moving tips
packing tips


Packing is a headache, but utilizing proper packing strategies may make a move go much more smoothly. Before you pack your first box, find out how Moving Syndicate can help you pack your belongings.


When it comes to moving, organization is important; utilize our detailed moving checklist to ensure you’re fully prepared.

moving checklist
moving with pets

Moving with pets

We considered our pets as part of the family, and they must be taken care while we relocate.  When it comes to transferring our four-legged, furry companions, our list of suggestions can make things go more smoothly.


Moving may sound unfamiliar to kids and they may be confused. It is a big adjustment for them especially when they lived on a certain home for a certain period then transferring to other home. It is important to let them understand how and why you move from another location. To ensure that everyone in the family is comfortable, review our list of relocation advice for families with children.

moving with kids
moving with seniors


If you or a family member is retiring or relocating to a new location, Moving Syndicate can assist. We know the importance of making their move as simple as possible while also providing any assistance they may need.

protecting yourself and your family against covid-19 while moving 

We always ensure that safety comes first. Prior to going on each client’s houses, we ensure to have check their temperatures and assure that they don’t have any symptoms when accommodating moves.


Get to know more on what you should do if something is lost or damaged?

We are also in direct partnership with Routine Cleaning and Sanitation LLC. If you need cleaning services feel free to reach out.

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Smart MOving services in NORTHERN VA and all surrounding areas

Moving specialist provide a qualified driver to take furnishings and household items from one point to the next. If furnishings are loaded, improperly problems may arise with the drive. If for any reason, customers need additional time before installing belongings in the business or residence, we have storage accommodations.

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The Moving Syndicate only uses full time professional movers that have gone through a thorough screening process. We do not sub contract our moves.

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Take the stress out of your next move with detailed planning and organization. Our moving coordinators will ensure that you have smooth move from start to finish.

Protect your furniture

The pro movers at The Moving Syndicate will take all of the necessary precautions to ensure that your belongings are safely transported toy your new residence.

Labor only moving

The Moving Syndicate provides labor only moving for in home moving and loading and unloading rental trucks and storage containers. This service can be a huge money saver

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