Moving is stressful for people and also for your pets. They might be uncomfortable with your new home and they need time to adjust with the new environment. It is always our goal to maintain their enthusiasm in a way that they feel so much better after the move. There is instance that the pet is not happy with new home because of change in space and change in environment. There is also a tendency that they may be so loud because of the new people they meet. It is important that you’re always with them during their adjusting period.

Based on observation, we listed several things that you need to prepare for your pets after your move.

  1. Give them both dry and wet food to eat.

After the travel, pets are most likely to be hungry too. They need to eat in order to reclaim their energy. It is your duty as the pet owner to check for them and give them something to eat. Prepare some dog food and assign place on your home where they will eat. Pets when their hungry are most likely to be loud and they will not stop until they get what they want. In order to free your mind after a stressful move and avoid the tendency of your pets on being too loud, immediately prepare food for them to have something to eat.

2. Ensure your pet has access to fresh water.

Considering yourself as a pet parent, you know already that water is vital for your pets. Access to clean water will give them happiness and will keep them healthy at all times. Without sufficient water, pets can be subjected to other health issues and dehydration. It is also important that the source of water is clean. It is your duty to keep your pet’s bowl full and make sure to refill it every single day.

3. Make sure they have comfortable place and warm place to stay.

During winter or summer, make sure that your pets have warm and comfortable place to stay inside your house. Mark a particular area in your house where they can spend the rest of the winter season and summer season. They might feel cold and hot if you let them stay outside of your house. Animal’s tolerance for hot or cold weather depends on the size of their coat, breed, physique and other health conditions. You should know your pet in order to adjust accordingly.

4. Give them a nice space to move.

You may notice a change in behavior with your pets such as excessive barking and meowing when they are not happy with the space you provide with them. Let them have space where they can move, run and play. Personalizing their space after the move can help. You can add some blankets, pet bed, and any toys that they enjoy using. Giving them space within your house will serve it as their safe place when they feel emotional, sleepy and tired. Just like humans, pet have feelings and emotions too.

5.Know the vet in your area.

It is important for you to know where is the nearest vet in your area. In case something happened with your pets you know exactly where you are going to. Make sure to hand over their track records and drug prescription with the vet in your area. Also, get their phone number for appointments and their availability or business hours. Consider also looking for vet with best facilities that can handle the needs of your pets.

Our pets also deserved an excellent moving experience in order for them to avoid stress and anxiety. We advise you to take them on your vehicle during the move and we will handle the rest of your items and belongings on our truck. For any moving services feel free to call us at 240-312-8585 or visit our website

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