Your Moving Checklist:

Things you should do a month before the move:
1. As soon as you know you’re relocating, make a reservation with a moving company. Moving Syndicate LLC can also help you pack up your house, apartment, or condo if you need it.
2. If you are not availing the full service move (includes packing and unpacking, moving of your items), it is your duty to purchase your own moving supplies such as boxes, tapes, and wrapping papers. It is your choice to avail full service moving or not. If you choose to avail packing services from your moving company, let them know the information about the things that they need to be pack in order to have you quoted for the supplies they will bring.
3. Start getting rid of unnecessary items in your house. After that, you can always put your items on a garage sale, or donate it to charity to make it useful.
4. Start decluttering and put damaged or items that are no longer useful into the trash can.
5. If you have kids that are still schooling and you need them to transfer to other school, you should start to arrange transfer of school records. By that, whenever you’re older to your new location the stress of coming back and forth to your old location is something that you will no longer do. Arranging necessary school documents is a must.
6. Your local post office can provide you with change of address cards.
7. Change your address with publications, charge accounts, insurance companies, clubs, and any other affiliations you joined.

Things you should do two weeks before the move:
1. Make yourself separate necessary items for the last two weeks of stay in your home. It may include essential items such as foods, clothes and money.
2. If you opt to pack your own belongings, make sure to label all moving boxes as you go. To ensure that each moving box arrives in the correct room in your new home, write the destination room on the top and sides. Moving Syndicate LLC offers full-service packing if you’re short on time or overwhelmed by the task.
3. You should need a schedule to disconnect utilities such as gas, electricity, water, and the telephone. If you have a landline, wait until after you’ve moved to disconnect it. Make arrangements for any reimbursements that are owed, as well as connections for your new home. Make sure to arrange this thing as soon as possible in order to avoid further problems but make sure that the movers should have electricity on the moving day, water for the cleaning company you will hire for the move out cleaning.
4. Cancel your daily, weekly or monthly subscriptions to newspapers, the Internet, cable TV, security, pest control, cleaning assistance, lawn maintenance, and any other services you may be receiving. In that way, you can notify them about the move. You might also ask them if they can also service you from the new location you’re going.

Things you should do one week before the move:
1. If you opt to do the packing, finish it and double-check that everything is boxed and ready to depart before the movers arrive.
2. Consider where your children and pets will be during the transfer, and make arrangements for them to stay with a family or friend if required.
3. Make sure you, your family, and your pets have transportation to your new home. Your pets should not be neglected, they should also have a safe place during the move as they are considered part of the family.

Things you should do the day before the move:
1. Confirm everything with the moving company you choose to handle your move. Everything they need to know about the changes in the inventory that you sent them, your preferred arrival window or if anything changes about the information you provided with them.
2. Make certain that all breakables have been removed from dresser drawers and appropriately stored.
3. Make sure you have cash for your first dinner on your new location.
4. Make time to say good bye and thank your neighbor.
5. If you have to brink your refrigerator with you, you need to defrost and clean it one day before the actual move.

Things you should do on the day of the move:
1. When the movers arrive, coordinate everything with them. Feel free to reach out if you have any special instructions with them. Take in mind that they know all of the things they do, let them handle all of the specific details they need to do.
2. Clear your driveway of any items, snow, or ice to provide a safe path for the movers.
3. Pack all necessary essentials in your suitcase and day-of-move box to get you through the next several days if you don’t get to unpacking right away.
4. Make sure you’re there when the movers arrive so you can show them around and tell them what you need relocated or anything else they need know.
5. Before departing to your new house, double-check that all of your belongings are put into the moving truck and that all windows and exterior doors are locked, as well as that all lights and your thermostat are turned off.

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