When you are planning on moving, this can be an exciting thing. However, this can also be a sad time in your life due to the friends that you are leaving. You need to leave with a bang. There are many ways you can have a fun party before you leave. Make sure that this is part of your move planning. Here are some fun ways to say goodbye to your friends in a fun way.

Bon Voyage 5 Tips for Throwing a Goodbye Party with Friends

Plan a theme

Any party can be made a bit more enjoyable with a theme. A pirate bash, 80s party, Halloween all year, or Christmas in July party are all great examples of themes that could really make your going away party that much more enjoyable. Ask your friends to see if they have any good ideas for your going away party.

Choose a good place to party

If you like to keep it low key, a fun backyard party could be a great way to celebrate your move. You could also incorporate some of your move planning into your party if you have the bash at your house where you are packing up. If you want to have a more extreme party, you might want to go to the club to have a rager.

Make a guest list

Having a guest list will make it easier for you to choose what food you will have at the party, where the party should be, and how many items you should buy for decorating and party favors. A guest list can be made online. This is a great way to keep things digital and organized.

Make a speech

Making a speech at your party will be a great way to leave a lasting expression on your friends. They might also be very interested in the new opportunity that is causing you to leave. You can use this speech to thank your friends, show your love, and talk about the new place you are headed. This is a good way to make your party more about everyone involved and not just about you.

Send out invitations

Having actual invitations for your guests will be a great way for them to have one last thing for them to hold onto. You should put some time into your invitations. Don’t just pick the first invitation out there. Use an invitation that is unique to you.

These are just a few ways to say Bon Voyage 5 Tips for Throwing a Goodbye Party with Friends. These tips can help you to have a much more meaningful departure. You will not feel like you are leaving your friends in the dust. Instead, you will have a party to remember. This will be a much easier way to remember all of your friends while giving them something to remember you by. Take time and effort planning this party. This could be one of the last times that you actually get to hang out with a lot of your friends.

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